Our Environmental Performance - Statistics and Performance


As a Service, we are continually trying to improve our environmental impact and performance in relation to community engagement for arson reduction, reducing carbon emissions from our fleet and ensuring our buildings are as efficient as possible, while also reducing energy consumption. We monitor and document a wide range of activities which enables us to scrutinise our progress on a monthly basis.

In the years ahead, we aim to reduce our Service carbon footprint, by building on the number of Solar PVs installed onto our fire stations, use greener technology to heat and control our fire stations, continue to incorporate Ultra Low Emission or Electric vehicles into our fleet, work towards our biodiversity objectives and continue to work towards an achievement of zero waste to landfill.

The Service aims to reduce our carbon emissions year on year in line with our Environmental Objectives, as well as aligning with the target set out in the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 and Welsh Government targets.

The last couple of years have seen many of our Service personnel adjust to a hybrid way of working. This has seen a reduction in Service utilities and Staff commuting vehicle emissions.