Get ready for Autumn and stay safe

The changing of the leaves signifies that Autumn is fast approaching, bringing with it cooler temperatures and shorter days. Autumn is a perfect time to finish those last few jobs in the garden, get your heating system serviced and if you have a solid fuel burner, get those chimneys cleaned.   

“We want our community to consider our safety tips for the coming months. A change in season indicates changes in the environment and a heightened risk of serious harm to people and property. We want to ensure that we do all that we can to help highlight dangers you may face and how you can reduce those risks through some simple actions.”

 Peter Greenslade, Corporate Head of Community Risk Management 

In the Home

We want to encourage households to do some basic safety checks within their homes to reduce the risk of fires.  If you have an open fire or woodburning stove in your home, it is important to properly maintain flues and chimneys.  Having your central heating system serviced regularly will also reduce the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. 

Getting your home prepared for the cooler weather will be key to keeping you and your family safe.  Smoke alarms are still considered to be one of the most important devices in the home and we advise to have one fitted on each floor of your home and to test them every week.”

Deputy Head of Community Safety, Neil Evans

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Chimneys, Open Fires and Wood Burning Stoves

Electrical Safety

Candle Safety

Student Safety

If you’re a new student, we understand this is a new exciting chapter in your lives and you will most likely be moving into unfamiliar accommodation surroundings. This can present its own risks and it’s important that you consider your own safety when moving into new accommodation and take some time to think about what can be done to help reduce risk of fire.

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Student Fire Safety


Garden Safety

Autumn is a wonderful opportunity to start clearing up the garden.  Gathering dead leaves and weeds with the hope that you can burn them when the weather is dry.  Follow our simple safety tips for using garden incinerators.

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Your garden and outdoors


Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween

For many, especially children and young people, Halloween is an opportunity to wear fancy dress costumes, carve pumpkins, duck for apples, tell scary stories and of course, the annual knocking on doors of people that they know for “treats”. We want you and your family to enjoy Halloween safely by highlighting some of the potential dangers and what can be done to reduce the risks.

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Candle Safety advice
Keeping exits clear and unobstructed

Bonfire Safety

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service would always recommend that people attend an organised fireworks display, however, we understand that some people will want to have their own private firework display, and while we want people to enjoy themselves, we ask everyone to think how they can Keep Wales Safe this Bonfire Night

“This bonfire night we continue to advise against having your own personal displays. There are serious dangers associated with bonfires, in particular ones that are not professionally organised. Bonfires should be safe and legal, so we have provided information that will assist you to help ensure that you, your family, and our communities are kept safe.”

Richard Vaughan Williams – Arson Reduction Manager

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Bonfire Safety Advice


Firework Safety

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service would always recommend that people attend an organized fireworks display. Help keep safe, by following the fireworks code, by following instructions carefully and by ensuring that you follow the minimum distances relating to the firework you are using.

“Police Officers and PCSOs will be working closely with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to ensure that we can collectively keep our communities safe this year. Of particular concern is the misuse of fireworks as well as obtaining, possession and use of professional grade fireworks by amateur users, which presents a huge risk to our communities and is against the law. If you do decide to use fireworks, please follow the firework code as listed on our website and purchase from a reputable retailer – be safe, be legal”

Police Sergeant Terri Harrison – Arson Reduction Team

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Download the Sbarc Firework Code (PDF, 1.4Mb)

Sbarc: Helping children celebrate safely

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue have developed child friendly material which helps to make learning about Halloween and bonfire night fun and enjoyable. Below you'll find downloadable fun activities and safety advice.


Download the Sbarc Firework Code (PDF, 1.4Mb)
Download Sbarc's Halloween colouring page (PDF, 1.2Mb)
Download Sbarc's Bonfire Night colouring Page (PDF, 1Mb)