Stay Safe this Summer!

As the Summer season approaches with the promise of warmer weather it is the ideal time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, booking your staycations or holidays, taking your family on a camping trip, or just enjoying your local area.

“Our Service area has some prime locations to spend your summer with our vast coastal line and National Parks. We want you to enjoy the outdoors and explore what mid and west Wales has to offer so keeping you and your family safe is key to ensure that we all have a great Summer Holiday.”


Peter Greenslade, Corporate Head of Community Risk Management 

Barbecue Safety

Nothing quite says summer like firing up the barbecue and cooking outdoors. Whether you are in the garden or out camping follow our simple advice to barbecue safely and avoid injuries or damage to property.

“Barbeques, fire pits and chimeneas are an important part of many people’s enjoyment of the summer, and we want you to be safe when you do so. Please follow the guides and tips on our Summer Safety campaign page to make sure you and your family stay safe when burning anything outside”.

Will Bowen, Home Fire Safety Manager

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Visit our Barbecue Safety page for advice and guidance

Be carbon monoxide aware this summer

Using Firepits, Chimineas and Incinerators Safety

During the summer, it's only natural to want to stay outside later into the evening, sitting around a fire pit or chiminea with family or friends. Follow our simple safety tips to stay safe this summer.

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Using your Firepit safely

Chiminea Safety Tips

Using Garden Incinerators Safely

Open Fires

Home Safety

If you have booked a holiday or plan on spending some time away from your home, leaving it unoccupied your house could be at an increased risk of burglary. Here are some really useful tips and safety advice you can take to make your home less attractive to burglary whilst you are away.

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Fire Safety Checklist

Home Security Advice

In the Garden

Going away?

If you're going away, follow our advice on staying safe on your holiday.

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Staying in a tent

Staying in a caravan

Staying in self-catering property

Be carbon monoxide aware this summer

Summer Water Safety

With the promise of warmer weather and our typical holiday season, we understand that many of us are tempted to venture for a swim in open waters, a dip in the pool or a relax in the hot-tub.

“This Summer, Fire Services across the country, along with our colleagues in HM Coastguard and RNLI, could be faced with a large number of calls to help people who are in trouble in the water. By raising awareness now, we hope to keep people safe and reduce the number of injuries and fatalities this summer”

Richard Davies, Water Safety Manager

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Staying safe at the beach

Open water swimming

Stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing

Jumping into water

The dangers of alcohol and water safety

Road Safety

During the height of the holiday season road users need to be more aware, of not only increased traffic but driving on roads that are unfamiliar.  There are many factors that you should consider when driving in any conditions or circumstances and we have some top safety advice that could make your summer outing or holiday that less stressful.  If you are travelling in an area you are not familiar with take your time and plan your route before you set off.

“The Fire and Rescue Service, place a lot of importance on Road Safety. We now attend far more calls to rescue people from Road Traffic Collisions than house fires. We want to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads, and we are working closely with our emergency services partners, and other agencies, to educate people about road safety”.

Richard Davies, Road Safety Manager

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Visit our Summer Driving safety page for more advice

Countryside Safety

In Mid and West Wales, we boast some of the most varied stunning scenery in the country. We'd like your help to keep it that way. Warmer weather and the increased numbers of people visiting the countryside creates a greater risk of fire. When out and about follow our simple guidelines to keep yourselves and our countryside safe.

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Safety advice when in the coutryside

Coastal walking

Wildfires / Open fires


Heatwave Safety Advice

Whilst many of us are enjoy the hot weather we would like to remind people of the ways they can keep safe and cool.

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Keeping yourself safe in hot weather

Sky lanterns and Balloon Releases

The use of Sky, or Chinese Lanterns and intentional balloon releases, not only present a fire hazard, but they also litter the countryside and prevent serious hazards to livestock and wildlife. Check the guidelines below for more information.

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The use of Sky/Chinese Lanterns

Intentional Balloon Releases