Stay Safe this Winter!

With the darker nights and deteriorating weather over the winter months, taking some time to consider winter safety and additional risks present will help safeguard you and your property from potential dangers. The community safety team at Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have provided some helpful information to help you stay safe.

“You are far more likely to experience a fire in the home or have a collision in your vehicle during the winter season simply down to the additional risks that are present, so it’s vitally important that you ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, your smoke and C0 alarms are functioning, your chimneys are swept, your electric appliances are safe and you take care with the use of candles. Simple actions can make a huge difference and I would personally welcome you to review the information we have provided to help you have a safe and enjoyable winter.”

Neil Evans, Deputy Head of Community Risk Reduction

Home Safety

Whether heating your home, or using extra lighting, you will most likely be spending more time at home and using more electrical and heating equipment which will naturally cause additional risks, whether it be from fire, flooding or from risks of carbon monoxide. Testing your smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors should be one of your top priorities.

“We have provided advice on what you can do to reduce the risks around your home this winter. When heat or light is generated, it means that there is a potential risk of fire, whether it be though the use of candles, log burners, portable heaters or electric blankets. It’s also important to consider the risk of carbon monoxide and ensuring that detectors are in place and are functioning. Please also consider our ‘Safe & Well check’ initiative where our community safety team are able to provide one to one advice and support on staying safe. A link to our referral can be found below.”

Will Bowen, Home Fire Safety Manager

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Road Safety

Making simple preparations to your vehicle whilst also considering the current weather and road conditions, planning routes ahead of setting off and adapting your driving style to suit the conditions will all help reduce the risks this winter.

"Driving during poor wintry conditions requires a different approach and by making some simple changes to driving habits, drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in a collision. As well as wintery weather, we have also provided helpful advice on driving in wet weather as well as basic checks that can be completed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter conditions.”

Spencer Lewis, Road Safety Manager

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Community Safety

As a Service, we work closely with our community and partners to make mid and west Wales a safer place to live, work and visit. In conjunction with the work we do with young people, visiting schools and carrying out Safe and Well visits we are also responsible for enforcing fire safety legislations. 

We want to ensure that everyone has excellent level of support this winter and we provide additional help for those who need it through a Safe and Well check. We understand that some may feel more isolated during the winter months and may struggle to know which way to turn when it comes to staying safe. If you have friends, family or neighbours that could benefit from fire safety advice, tell them about our Safe and Well visits. 

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Flooding Advice

Heavy rain is a common issue in mid and west Wales, especially during the autumn and winter months and it’s easy to forget how hazardous driving in wet conditions can be. To ensure that you stay safe, it is important to prepare for the challenges that come from wet weather.

Within our area a total of nearly 31,000 properties are at risk from flooding. Of these nearly 24,000 are at risk from river flooding and over 7,000 at risk of tidal flooding.

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Using Firepits, Chimineas and Incinerators Safety

Spending time outdoors doesn’t need to stop during the winter months. For the colder months, a firepit or chiminea can extend your enjoyment of your garden and just the thing to bring people you love together for roasting marshmallows or creating the right environment for a party. Follow our simple safety tips to stay safe this summer.

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Fireworks, Sky lanterns and Balloon Releases

Celebrating religious festivals and new year with the use of fireworks, Sky, or Chinese Lanterns and intentional balloon releases, not only present a fire hazard, but they also litter the countryside and prevent serious hazards to livestock and wildlife. Check the guidelines below for more information.

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