As a Service we have already saved £9 million - ​nearly 20% of our budget since 2006.

Future savings could impact on the way we deliver our services and have implications for the safety of our communities.

Within this dedicated section of our website we have set out the savings we’ve already made and identified some of the challenges we may face in the future.

We would like to invite you to get involved in the debate and share your opinions on the value you place on our services and what we should do to protect them. You can do this by taking part in our on-line survey​.

Over the last 10 years we have saved £9 million, which equates to 20% efficiencies in our overall budget. These savings have been made by changing the way some of your stations are crewed and by refining some of our business processes. To date we have been able to make savings without negatively impacting on the services we deliver.

There is no avoiding the fact that we are entering an even more challenging financial future. We know that as a public sector service we are going to have to play our part by looking for further efficiencies. We also know that this may mean making some difficult decisions.

Since 2006 a total of 102 station based posts (27%) have been removed from the establishment (without redundancies). This has been achieved through changes in the crewing systems at various fire stations with efficiencies to date totaling £3,630,000. Further efficiencies have been achieved through central staff reductions, a total saving of £1,971,000, which have resulted in reducing senior and middle manager posts by 34%, and changes in businesses processes and procedures which equate to £3,416,000.

These have been achieved through three major exercises - A comprehensive review of each budget line took place in 2008, with full Fire Authority Member involvement, seeking out efficiencies. Following this, from 2009-2011, a fundamental and robust review of all departments’ structures and policies, through a Service Review Programme (SRP) took place. And currently a complete evidence based service review is being undertaken, looking at areas and patterns of risk, how external influences are impacting on the service and the provision of best value in all departments.

We want to know whether you think Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service provides good value for money. Your feedback will help shape the future of your Fire and Rescue Service.

We want to make sure that everyone receives the best service possible. This survey will be used to provide us with information on the profile of the community we engage with in order to assist us in tailoring our services appropriately.

The forms are anonymous and confidential, so you will not be identified by any information given.

If you would like this questionnaire in a different language / format, please contact us on  0800 169 1234.