Welsh Fire Services are calling for holiday home owners to take action with an expected rise in staycations.

As the weather improves and the Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, an increase in staycations is predicted with many choosing to holiday in Wales’ beauty hotspots. Fire Service’s across Wales are working in partnership with Visit Wales and holiday home owners to ensure they are familiar with new and updated guidance to continue keeping themselves and their customers safe this Summer.

This toolkit designed by multi-agency specialists across key agencies offers unique tailored advice and support on taking the necessary steps required to ensure their property is fire compliant. The guidance includes handy checklists, simplified fire risk assessment advice and tips on how to reduce the risk of fire.

Head of Business Fire Safety, Sion Slaymaker from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘This Summer is predicted to see a marked increase in the number of people choosing to holiday in our Service area; as such this guidance provides a timely and useful source of information to accommodation providers of their obligations and considerations with regards to Fire Safety.

The scope of the guidance is wide ranging and includes accommodation types that have increased in popularity over recent years, examples of which include yurts, tents and shepherd huts as well as the more traditional holiday cottage style accommodation.

We hope that this information provides business owners with the necessary information required to ensure the safety of their guests and to comply with responsibilities imposed by the Fire Safety Order.’

This useful guidance booklet provides valuable information essential to those who operate self-catering holiday accommodation. This includes, electrical safety and housekeeping fire risk reduction advice, automatic fire alarm recommendations, escape route guidance, suggested firefighting equipment and much more.

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