Help shape the next well-being plan for Pembrokeshire

The Pembrokeshire Public Services Board (PSB) is currently assessing the well-being of local people and communities in the County and local residents are being urged to help shape the next Well-Being Plan for Pembrokeshire.   

This is a requirement under the Well-being of Future Generations Act which encourages people to work together to tackle some of the ‘big long-term issues’ to improve well-being.  

There are many issues which affect well-being such as inequalities in health and standards of living, population change, air pollution and flood risk, limited resources for social care, lack of housing, poverty, climate change and depletion of natural resources.  

Have your say

Pembrokeshire residents can visit (opens in a new window/tab) to get involved. There residents will find background information (including a short film), some baseline information on Pembrokeshire, an ideas board and an online survey.  

Local groups are also being encouraged to undertake engagement sessions with their members and a toolkit is available to support people who wish to participate in the process by holding their own engagement sessions. 

Chair of the PSB, Tegryn Jones, said: “This will be the second Well-being Assessment produced for Pembrokeshire and many things will have changed over the last five years since the last Assessment was published.   

Therefore it is vitally important that as many individuals and groups as possible contribute to this Assessment to ensure that we capture the views of people right across Pembrokeshire about their well-being now and what they think might affect it in the future.” 


You can have your say until Friday 8th October, 2021.  

The feedback you provide will be looked at alongside other information about Pembrokeshire, to produce the Pembrokeshire Well-being Assessment 2022.  

The Assessment will provide an evidence base for producing the next Well-being Plan for Pembrokeshire which will set out how the PSB will work together to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Pembrokeshire. 

The survey  

Click here to complete the English Survey (opens in a new window/tab) 

Cliciwch yma i gwbwlhau'r arolwg yng Ngymraeg (agor yn ffenest/tab newydd) 


More information

For press queries, please email:  

The Council’s press releases are also available on the Authority’s website: 

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