Executive Leadership Team volunteer for local charity in Pembrokeshire

Our Chief Fire Officer, Roger Thomas along with members from the Executive Leadership Team took a day to volunteer at The VC Gallery, helping to paint a number of rooms for veterans and members of the community to use and enjoy.

Chief Fire Officer Roger Thomas said:

“Our Executive Leadership Team ‘Give Back Days’ are a fantastic opportunity to provide practical support for our charitable partners, engage with our communities and also promote team building for all those that get involved.  The VC Gallery highlights the importance of welfare support for armed forces veterans and the wider community and assists in signposting individuals to the bespoke services they provide.  As a Fire & Rescue Service we were both humbled and honoured to be part of this and thoroughly enjoyed our time with everyone we met.”

The VC Gallery (Veterans and Community) is a registered Charity based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and was founded by Barry John MBE.  Barry served 24 years in the Army and with his artistic background and involvement in Mental Health work, he realised that the community would benefit from his expertise and experiences.  Now the VC Gallery works with veterans, older people, children, and anyone who feels they need time out to socialise and express themselves through art.

The majority of veterans fair well after leaving the armed forces, suffering no ill effects, entering full-time employment and leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. However, The VC Gallery is a "single point-of-access" welfare and support hub for veterans providing, for those that need it, support to readjust back to civilian life. They also act as a signposting and referral service, a community social hub, and a charity, working in partnership with public and third-sector agencies as well as specialised national charities.

By running projects and workshops for the community, The VC Gallery aim to engage with people of all ages and enhance their personal, social, and educational development. Their work is not limited to veterans as they are also open to people with mental or physical disabilities, to both the young and elderly, and to anyone who feels alone, disadvantaged, or isolated.  The VC Gallery projects run all year round and provide the ability to build self-confidence and new skills.

To read more about this charity please click on the link https://thevcgallery.com/