Have your say! Help shape the future of YOUR Fire and Rescue Service!

Did you know that Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service cover almost 12,000 square kilometres – almost two-thirds of Wales. The Service is responsible for providing public safety information, prevention and protection programmes, and emergency response cover for the mid and west Wales area. We would love to hear your thoughts on what your expectations are of the Service, as well as what matters to you and what you think we should prioritise. So, why not get involved in the debate and share your opinions on the value you place on the services we provide and what we should do to protect them?

Your help and support are appreciated and completing this survey, will help us to gather information on the communities we engage with, which will assist us in tailoring our services appropriately, enabling us to provide the best possible service to the communities we serve.

The form is anonymous and confidential, so you will not be identified by any information given. If you would like this questionnaire in a different language/format, please contact us on 0370 6060699.

We recognise that listening to your views is crucial if the Service is to continue to deliver an effective, efficient, and improved service to keep you and your families safe. Get involved in the debate by sharing your opinions and views on the future of your Fire and Rescue Service. To find out more and take part in our online survey​ please visit our website www.mawwfire.gov.uk

Thank you for your support and participation.