Pembrokeshire PSB - Help shape county’s well-being plan for next five years

A series of consultation events are to be held over the coming weeks on the draft Well-Being Plan 2023 and the Pembrokeshire public is urged to get involved.

The Well-being Plan, produced by the Pembrokeshire Public Services Board, aims to identify, prioritise and agree the objectives and actions to improve well-being across the county 2023-2028.

As part of the feedback process a series of online sessions are to be held where members of the public can discuss any aspects of the draft plan.

The online events will be held on:

  • 6-7pm, Monday 30th January
  • 12noon-1pm, Wednesday 1st February

Please register your attendance via the registration form at:

If you can’t make any of those times and dates or would prefer a face-to-face session that can also be included on the registration form via the link above or by calling the Pembrokeshire Community hub on 01437 723660 or emailing: enquiries@pembrokeshire

Responses are requested by Friday 17th February.

Cllr Neil Prior, Chair of the Pembrokeshire Public Services Board, said:

“This is an important piece of work for local public services, not just the council, as it helps set our collective ambitions to improve well-being for Pembrokeshire residents over the coming years. 


“Please take this opportunity to ask any questions or seek clarification on the draft Well-Being Plan and provide your feedback."