Essential Sanitary Products to be Distributed by Community Safety Team

In June, Tracey Davies and Hannah Blewitt received women’s welfare packs which were kindly donated by Hannah Lodder-Rodda, the Women in the Fire Service Representative for Wales.

The packs, which are available for free, will be distributed by the Community Safety Team while they attend youth-related events and activities.  They include a variety of environmentally-friendly sanitary products which should improve access to these essential items.

Richard Felton, Head of Community Safety, said:

“We are extremely grateful for this kind gift as we are experiencing more and more of the issue of period poverty that affects so many women and girls.”

The packs were collected by Hannah Lodder-Rodda at the Women in the Fire Service UK’s National Training and Development Event earlier in June.  Pictured are Tracey Davies, Youth Practitioner, Hanner Lodder-Rodda and Hannah Blewitt, Youth Practitioner.