Electrical Fire: Home Safety Reminder

On Saturday, March 24th, the Brecon crew attended a domestic property fire caused by charging electrical equipment left on a bed.  Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) is issuing a reminder on the importance of not leaving devices or appliances charging unattended.

At 2.48am on Saturday, March 24th, the Brecon crew were called to a domestic property fire in Brecon.  The fire had been extinguished on arrival, the crew were involved in damping down and ventilating the property using one hose reel jet, one thermal imaging camera and lighting.

When charging, devices and appliances - such as mobile phones, laptops, e-cigarettes, and massagers - can become hot and easily overheat.  Not only does the build-up of heat pose a fire risk, it can also lead to damage to the device’s battery.

MAWWFRS recommends you:

  • Stop using a charger if you suspect that it is faulty or fake.
  • Do not use a charger if you have to force it into the wall socket, and don’t use it on an extension lead.
  • When left plugged in overnight, especially if on soft furnishings or covered, phone chargers could overheat and cause fires.
  • Make sure you follow instructions for all electrical devices and that you use the correct chargers in line with the manufacturer’s guidance. If the wrong charger is used for an electrical device, the internal battery can’t handle a different voltage and it can catch fire.

For more information on electrical safety, please visit our Home Safety page.

Damage caused to bedroom by electrical fire.