Candle Safety Reminder

At 6.33pm on Thursday, November 16th, the Gorseinon, Morriston, Pontarddulais and Swansea Central crews were called to an incident in Grovesend, Swansea.

Crews responded to a fire confined to a first-floor bedroom within a semi-detached domestic property measuring approximately 10m x 6m.  The fire was started due to an unattended candle next to a bed, the duvet on the bed made contact with the candle which proceeded to set the whole room on fire.  The whole house was smoke damaged and the room of origin destroyed by fire.

Crew members utilised four breathing apparatus sets, two hose reel jets, a positive-pressure ventilation fan, ladders and small gear tools to extinguish the fire, ventilate and make the property safe.  Crews left the scene at 8.09pm.

Station Manager Anthony Mathias, who attended this incident, said:

“Unfortunately, this incident is a classic example of leaving candles unattended near fabrics. It’s easy to forget the risks associated with burning candles at home. 

At this particular incident, the property’s occupants were very lucky there was no loss of life.”

Candle Safety

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) will always discourage the use of candles.  However, we understand that candles are a popular way to make homes cosier during winter evenings.

To reduce the risk of fire associated with candles, consider using a LED candle instead, they are a much safer option and last longer while providing the same effect as real ones.

If you are going to use real candles, make sure you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your property.

More information on candle safety can be found here.