Stay Safe this Winter

Winter is upon us! Bringing with it darker nights and deteriorating weather. 

With the cost of living being at the top of people’s concerns we want to urge you to look at our safety advice as many may turn to alternative ways of heating and lighting their homes this Winter, which can come with risks. Taking some time to consider winter safety and any additional risks that this season may bring, will help safeguard you and your property from potential dangers. 

We have helpful information on our website to advise you on how to stay safe this Winter. We encourage you to request a Safe and Well visit for yourself or your loved ones. These checks are prioritised for those most at risk of a fire in the home and can involve home safety practitioners getting in touch to run through a list of questions and then followed by a visit which may involve the installation of free alarms. 

Richard Felton, Head of Community Safety said:We feel that it’s critical for people to ensure they have working smoke alarms, and ideally one on each level of their home.  A working alarm can be the difference between life and death when a fire occurs.” 

Winter brings many additional risks with cold, wet weather, icy conditions, and darker evenings. You are far more likely to experience a fire in the home or have a collision in your vehicle during the winter season simply down to these additional risks.  

Peter Greenslade Corporate Head of Community Risk Management said: 

It’s vitally important that you ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, your smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are functioning, your chimneys are swept, your electric appliances are safe, and you take care with the use of candles. Simple actions can make a huge difference and I would encourage you to look at the information we have provided, to help you have a safe and enjoyable winter.”

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