Swansea PSB Walking in our shoes

On Tuesday, 17th October, Chief Fire Officer Roger Thomas hosted a ‘Walking in our shoes’ event as part of Swansea Public Services Board Well-Being Plan, inviting members of the Swansea Public Services Board and community partners to our Earlswood Training Facility.

The event was organised to broaden the awareness of our partners’ work and improve networks, particularly amongst those who engage directly with our communities. The event focused on three principal areas of the Service: Operational Response, Prevention (Community Safety) and Protection (Built Environment).

Throughout the day there were presentations from MAWWFRS's Community Safety and Business Fire Safety teams, together with an overview of our Medical Response provision and organisational structure. There were a variety of demonstrations held over the course of the afternoon with optional guest participation, which included a live Flashover demonstration from the BA Instructors and our Morriston Station crew giving a ‘show and tell’ demonstration of the Turn Table Ladder and much more.

The event was a huge success, giving those who attended a real insight into a modern-day Fire and Rescue Service.

Chief Fire Officer Roger Thomas said:
“Our ‘Walking in Our Shoes’ event which was run at Earlswood provided MAWWFRS with an opportunity to showcase to our partners the important work that we do across a range of areas including Prevention, Protection and Response. The event was an unqualified success and a number of attendees commented that they were unaware of the scale and scope of our work and how we engage collaboratively to reduce risk within the communities we serve. I am extremely grateful to all staff who contributed to make the day both memorable and worthwhile for our partners.”