Improvements to Morriston Fire Station Training Facility

Morriston Fire Station crew members with staff from Tetra Tech and ASW Property Services.

The smoke house training facility at Morriston Fire Station has recently undergone some improvements and alterations – thanks to ASW Property Services and Tetra Tech.

Both companies are currently carrying out refurbishment works in the main station building and have kindly donated volunteer and apprentice hours to introduce improvements to the smoke house training facility, which is used by firefighters to simulate property fires and person rescue.  They have also reused materials – including strand boards and old doors – which has reduced the amount of waste being produced by the essential works going on at the station.

Previously, the smoke house had metal mesh walls and while these enabled crew members to recreate various floor plans, they didn’t realistically recreate the conditions of a property fire, such as fire spread and smoke movement.

ASW Property Services and Tetra Tech have erected new stud walls with fire doors within the smoke house’s ground floor, which will provide a better training environment for crew members and subsequently improve their emergency response skills.

Speaking on behalf of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS), Estates Capital Project Manager Robert Thomas said:

“We’re incredibly grateful to ASW Property Services and Tetra Tech for their voluntary work in bringing improvements to our training smoke house at Morriston Fire Station.

By using materials no longer needed in the station, they have not only brought much-needed improvements to the smoke house, but also assisted the Service in reducing environmental impact.”

Lyn Roberts, Principal Project Manager at Cardiff-based Tetra Tech, said:

“Tetra Tech Europe are pleased to have contributed volunteer time to assist with the improvements to the smoke house. The redundant doors and surplus materials have been recycled and put to good use.  The new layout inside the smoke house is safer and a more realistic depiction of a what the crew member could expect within a burning or smoke-filled property.  

We fully appreciate the contribution given by the operatives and staff of ASW Property Services and are pleased that MAWWFRS are happy with the end result.”

On behalf of ASW Property Services Ltd., Operations Manager for Fire and Decarbonisation Projects, Tom Davies, said:

“ASW Property Services are delighted to have been part of the improvement works at the smoke house in Morriston Fire Station.  We’re very pleased to have received positive feedback from the Service and to be in the knowledge that they have a useful and versatile training facility.

We have been carrying out upgrades to the main station building by renewing ceilings and fitting new fire doors and we have used the old doors to form new rooms in the smoke house which has minimised the waste produced.”

The improved smoke house is ready for MAWWFRS crews from Morriston and further afield to be used for their training.

The improvement works at Morriston Fire Station are due to be completed in 2024.