Road Traffic Collision Training Exercise at Aberystwyth Fire Station

The crew at Aberystwyth Fire Station recently held a multi-agency road traffic collision training exercise.

The road traffic collision training exercise brought together firefighters from Aberystwyth Fire Station, paramedics from Aberystwyth and medical students from Swansea University to simulate realistic scenarios where they collaborated to respond to this type of incident.

Aberystwyth crew members practiced extricating casualties from vehicles safely, while the paramedics and medical students focussed on providing immediate care at the scene.  The exercise emphasised communication, teamwork and coordination between the emergency responders to ensure efficient and effective response.

The exercise provided the opportunity to develop and refine the preparedness for real-life incidents, enhanced inter-agency collaboration and the opportunity for firefighters and medical staff to better understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, ultimately leading to improved emergency response.

During the session, the medical teams were also given the opportunity to learn more on the variety of equipment that crew members carry on fire engines and utilise at incidents.

Thank you to all who supported and attended the training exercise.