Small fires can rapidly develop into wildfires devastating the countryside and property, particularly during dry hot weather. If you own or manage an area with public access, there are some steps you can take to help prevent deliberate fires from affecting you.


  • Have a land management plan – felled trees can be seen as ‘fuel’ by arsonists. Logs could provide you with extra income – Contact Farm liaison officer for guidance at (3 FRS’s)
  • Ensure you have clear public safety notices (don’t leave litter, no BBQs) – and liaise with Arson Reduction Teams/Fire Crime Teams
  • Have a hot weather plan (restrictions, extra patrols, firebreaks) Arson Reduction Patrols available
  • Have a waste management plan and appropriately sited metal bins
  • Clearly define if and where camping is permitted
  • If fires/BBQs are permitted provide hard standing (paving slab/sand)


  • Secure your boundaries and block gaps in walls, hedges or fences
  • Clear walkways of overgrowth to prevent build-up of debris and improve visibility
  • Report and remove fly-tipping immediately
  • Report suspicious behaviour to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111 and ART/Fire Crime teams