Camping Safety Advice

Fires in tents spread very quickly, and often have only one entrance, which means that you need to be especially vigilant to avoid a fire from starting.

  • Allow at least 6m spacing between tents and caravans and ensure they are away from parked cars to reduce the risk of fire spreading.
  • Never use fuel-burning devices (e.g. disposable barbecues, camping stoves, camping heaters, lanterns, and charcoal grills) inside a tent. Visit our Carbon Monoxide Awareness pages for more information.
  • Flammable liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders should be kept outside the tent.
  • Oil burning appliances are not recommended.
  • Never light a candle or have any other kind of flame burning apparatus in or near to a tent torches are much safer.
  • Cook outside and away from the tent and keep cooking appliances away from the tent walls and never cook inside a small tent or near flammable materials or long grass; they can all set alight easily.
  • Don't smoke inside the tent and keep any flammable material away from the cooking area.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to put out clothing that's on fire- stop, drop, and roll.
  • Make sure you know how to escape by cutting your way out of the tent if there's a fire.



Download our Camping Fire Safety booklet (PDF, 855Kb)

Be Carbon Monoxide Aware this summer

Visit our Carbon Monoxide Awareness pages for more information.