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Our Corporate Plan 2020 - 2025

We are delighted to introduce our Corporate Plan, which sets out our vision for the future…

We are confident that the Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives contained within this Corporate Plan set out a robust programme of activity for the next year, and recognises the short, medium and longer term needs of the communities we serve. However, current uncertainties make planning for the long term extremely challenging and as such, we will review our Corporate Plan annually to allow us to produce meaningful Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives on a year by year basis.

Read our Corporate Plan 2020 - 2025 for more information.

Read the Easy Read version of our Corporate Plan.

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Our Performance

Over the past decade, through Improvement Planning and Risk Reduction, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of incidents we attend and better outcomes for those affected and the communities within which they occur. We have achieved all this in addition to making substantial savings.

We think we are tremendous value for money and from a survey recently undertaken, it seems you do too. Since 2006 we have already reduced our budget by 20%, that's £9million! and as a service we currently cost you £4 a month, that's just 14p per day! However, there is no avoiding the fact that we are entering an even more challenging financial future and we will need to make further efficiencies. 

Our 58 fire stations attend approximately 13,313 incidents every year, covering 12,000 square kilometers with 1304 staff. Over the last 5 years, for just 14p per day, we have attended 2951 house fires, 882 non-domestic fires, 4919 road traffic accidents, 4118 grass and forestry fires, 1748 flooding incidents and 12,566 medical responses. While delivering 102,000 home safety checks to our communities, engaged with over 163,861 young people through education and prevention programmes and undertaken 7783 business fire safety audits. All of this costs you just 14p a day which is only £52 a year!

The Fire and Rescue Service currently costs £4 per person per month, or just 14p per day.
Since 2006 we have already reduced our budget by 20%, that's £9 million!

Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision for the future, and how this will be achieved through our Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives.

In previous years, we have produced a five-year Strategic Plan and an accompanying Annual Improvement Plan. Following the introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, we took the opportunity to review our planning processes, and as such produced a single integrated Corporate Plan.

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By the end of October each year, we publish our Annual Performance Assessment.  Our Annual Performance Assessment tells our staff, communities and stakeholders what outcomes and benefits have been delivered against the previous year’s Improvement and Well-being Objectives. Our Annual Performance Assessment also identifies how we have contributed to the Wellbeing goals, set out within the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

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Firefighters and Community Fire Safety staff from the Service will now visit domestic properties to provide home safety advice and will supply and install a smoke alarm free of charge, where appropriate. 

These checks are the cornerstone of the proactive role the Service is adopting in its drive to reduce the deaths and injuries that are caused by accidental fires.​

The provision of smoke alarms and other home safety items by Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is supported by funding from Welsh Government.