The Recruitment Process

Following the process below no cadet instructor is to start at a cadet unit without a registration form and until their DBS is completed and verified.

  • Starter pack given information about cadets and locations and Instructor registration form to be
  • Start the enhanced DBS process
  • FRS Service Induction
  • Volunteer Induction
  • Review DBS status
  • Forms returned
  • Verification
  • Ensure DBS Process is complete
  • 3 hour session
  • Part of a 2 day Drill Ground Training
  • Form to be completed signed and dated after Safeguarding training.
  • 1 Day Training -H&S on the drill yard with young people
  • 2 day Training - safeguarding, H&S on the drill yard with young people
  • Operational bespoke 3hour training
  • 2 hour session can be done via Teams or in person