Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service would always recommend that people attend an organised fireworks display, however, we understand that some people will want to have their own private firework display, and while we want people to enjoy themselves, we ask everyone to think how they can Keep Wales Safe this Bonfire Night.


Do you really need a bonfire?

It’s much better to manage without one. 

Check very carefully that there’s no animal (or even a young child) hidden inside the bonfire. Don’t light it until after all your fireworks have been let off. Keep everyone at a safe distance away, and don’t allow anyone to throw anything onto it.

Download our Do's and Dont's Poster

Download the Bonfire Do's and Don'ts document (PDF, 557Kb)

Is your bonfire safe?

Every year we witness dangerous bonfires being built. These bonfires may include items which are toxic and other items which present a danger to spectators, whether it be risk of explosion or other. Not only do these bonfires pose a danger to the public, but the environment can be badly affected by poorly built bonfires and we will be working with our police and local authority colleagues to ensure that communities are kept safe.

The following are very simple Do’s and Do Not’s to ensure the safest possible bonfire. 

Bonfire Do's and Don'ts


Respect your community,
Protect your environment,
Enjoy safely by following the firework code.

Always remember, if your clothing catches fire - STOP, DROP and ROLL.