Is your costume at risk of fire?

Have you considered the dangers associated with fire and Halloween costumes? It’s vitally important that costumes carry the CE mark on the label. Even so, like all clothing, costumes can easily catch fire.

There is an added risk due to the traditional use of candles during Halloween, where it can be all too easy for a costume to ignite.

We recommend that candles are not used and are replaced by LED flameless battery operated candles. They can still provide that spooky effect and have other benefits to normal candles, such as being able to be used outside without fear of being ‘snuffed out’.

Important: Children should be closely supervised by adults when candles are used. Consider hanging parts of costumes and how this adds further risk of fire.


Always remember, if your clothing catches fire - STOP, DROP and ROLL.

Dangers of the naked flame

We would urge the use of flameless LED candles in replacement of candles, which will greatly reduce the risks associated with Halloween.

Candles can post a real and serious danger during this time of year. With the increased use of decorations and candles, the risk of fire is heightened dramatically, and it's very important to consider these risks. Candles can easily set fire to furniture and hanging objects.

If you do use candles, be sure to place well away from other objects and never leave them unsupervised.

Traditionally, candles are used in pumpkins, but the risks associated with this are high, especially when adding the use of loose hanging costumes which are often at high risk of ignition due to the material used.

Halloween can be enjoyed without candles, as there are many safe alternatives that can provide the same effect.

Please consider using flameless battery-operated LED candles this Halloween. Remember, that there are some added benefits, such as being able to be used outside without blowing out whilst still having the desired spooky effect!

Keeping exits clear and unobstructed

While we want people to enjoy decorating their homes with Spooktacular decorations, we want to ensure that everyone keeps their exits free and not blocked so that you and your family can easily exit your home in case of a fire. 

Ensure that objects don’t present a trip hazard and that there are clear exits available free from obstructions.