Chiminea Safety Advice

During the summer, it's only natural to want to stay outside later into the evening, sitting around a fire pit or chiminea with family or friends.

Using a chiminea is much safer than using a firepit or having an open fire in your garden, as they enclose the majority of the flame, however people need to realise that the heat and flames from them can still be dangerous if they are used incorrectly.

Follow our simple safety tips to stay safe this summer:

Before you light your fire
  • Make sure that your chiminea is secure and steady on its stand to minimise the risk of it toppling over.
  • Avoid placing your chiminea on decking or near trees and structures like sheds or fences.
  • Before you light your fire make sure you have a way to put it out at hand, keep a bucket of water, sand or garden hose nearby just in case. 
Be a good neighbour
  • When burning anything in your garden please consider the effect the smoke may have on you neighbours. 
  • Smoke from your fire may force people to close windows and prevent them from cooling their homes. People with breathing difficulties and respiratory disorders often suffer more in hot conditions and the smoke from a fire may make their condition worse. 
  • If your neighbours have washing out, please let them know of your intentions to have a fire so that they have an opportunity to gather it in before you start burning. 
  • Be willing to extinguish your fire. If a neighbour is being affected by your fire please don’t take it personally. The considerate thing to do would be to extinguish the fire and relieve their discomfort.
Lighting your chiminea
  • Never use chemicals such as petrol to start your fire, instead use kindling to create small fire and then slowly add the larger wood.
  • If the chiminea has a fire guard, use it. If it did not come with one, you can easily make one yourself using wire mesh. The guard will then prevent any hot embers escaping and possibly burning someone or your patio furniture.
  • Only build small fires - a chiminea is designed for small fires, if you see flames coming out of the chimney or mouth it is too big.
Keep children at a safe distance
  • Children should not play near a chiminea.
  • Make sure children are properly supervised and warn your guests of the dangers too.
Enjoying your chiminea
  • Never leave any fire unattended, whether it is a barbecue, firepit or in a chiminea.
  • Fire and alcohol don’t mix. Don’t drink too much alcohol if you are in charge of the fire.
  • It is good practice to set a ‘safe zone’ around your chiminea and make sure that children and guests don’t enter it.
  • Make sure your Chiminea is fully extinguished before you go to bed