The Basics

  • Always stop at a red light – otherwise you could be fined, or end up in a collision
  • Use hand signals to indicate that you’re turning left or right
  • Cycle at an appropriate speed for your surroundings – remember pedestrians are as vulnerable to you as you are to a car


  • Where possible, stick to cycle lanes
  • Stay central on narrow roads to discourage dangerous overtaking
  • Don’t cycle on the pavement or against a one-way street (unless it’s clearly marked for cyclists)
  • Keep clear of parked cars in case a door opens in front of you
  • All large vehicles have ‘blind spots’. It’s safer not to undertake on the inside.


  • When stopped, try to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they’ve seen you
  • Wear bright or fluorescent clothing during the day, and reflective clothing or accessories when it’s dark
  • Use lights when it’s dark (white at the front and red at the rear) – you could be fined if you don’t


  • Don’t use a mobile phone or earphones
  • Always wear a helmet for extra head protection


Remember the Fatal 5


  • Don’t drink / drug drive
  • Kill your speed
  • Don’t get careless
  • Belt up
  • Switch it off