Seat Belts

Seat belts are your first line of defense in any collision no matter what speed the vehicle you are in is doing.

They will help to stop you from being thrown from the vehicle and can make the difference between a life changing injury or death or recovering from a collision and enjoying the same quality of life as before.

If one person in a vehicle, (this would apply to dogs or anything that is not secured in the vehicle), does not wear a seat belt then they put everyone else in the vehicle at risk. In a collision they will be thrown around the inside of the vehicle injuring the other occupants.


Child Car Seats

If you love your children give them a chance in a collision, by having a correctly fitted child seat that fits both the car and your child correctly.

If in doubt contact the company that supplied the seat and for more information and advice on  child car seats visit the RoSPA website (opens in a new window/tab).

Remember the Fatal 5


  • Don’t drink / drug drive
  • Kill your speed
  • Don’t get careless
  • Belt up
  • Switch it off