Operation Ugain

Welsh fire and rescue services, such as ourselves, provide a programme of road safety initiatives to help reduce the Fatal 5 – the five most significant factors which lead to death and serious injury in road traffic collisions in Wales.

Fire and rescue road safety initiatives are operated by staff dedicated to road safety, who work alongside partners to educate drivers of the impacts of the Fatal 5, one of which is speeding.

On 17 September 2023, most 30 mph speed limit roads in areas of Wales where there are streetlights were altered to a 20 mph speed limit.

Welsh fire and rescue services work alongside GoSafe, Welsh police forces and other partners on an engagement-focused approach to the new speed limit. On Monday, 8 January 2024, ‘Operation Ugain’ was launched to deliver roadside engagement across Wales.

Through Operation Ugain, where drivers travelling over the speed limit are identified by the Police, Road Safety teams of Welsh fire and rescue services can provide engagement advice, as an alternative to penalty points or a fine. If drivers choose the engagement, our teams will deliver a free 10-minute presentation. It aims to inform people on the change in default speed limit, the reasons behind the change, and how they can identify the roads it applies to.

Welsh fire and rescue services also support the initiative as it should help to reduce serious road traffic collisions on our roads, reducing injuries and fatalities amongst our communities, and would then also increase the psychological safety of our Firefighters, as they should be attending less traumatic incidents.

Visit the GoSafe Operation Ugain webpage for more information and updates.


Remember the Fatal 5

  • Don’t drink / drug drive
  • Kill your speed
  • Don’t get careless
  • Belt up
  • Switch it off