If your business suffered a fire, would it survive the aftermath?

Research carried out by the Government shows that 20% of UK businesses suffer some form of major disruption every year, and of those 80% will close within 18 months of the disruption occurring.

This not only relates to fire, but acts of terrorism, pandemics, theft, and fraud, even floods can have devastating effects on your business continuity. Incidents need not affect your company in order to cause major disruption to your business activities.

No matter what the cause of disruption is, good business continuity planning can reduce overall losses to your business by half

To assist in your business continuity planning ROBUST (Resilient Business Software Toolkit) can help you develop and produce effective business continuity plans, enabling you to produce plans to help your business recover quickly.

The toolkit is available FREE to download from the following launch site

Visit the ROBUST website (opens in a new window/tab)

The toolkit is funded by major UK insurers and is designed to safeguard businesses, their people, and their assets.​